Typescript support?

Any plans to support Typescript?

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We haven’t made formal plans, but we can certainly add it to the list for consideration.

Where would this be more important for you? Server-side code, client-side code, or both equally important?

I’d definitely like TypeScript-support, as well. Mostly in server-side code. If it’s also usable in the frontend, then great but some of our clients really want TypeScript’s compile-time checks for their server-side code.

Server side typescript was added to ProfoundJS in the current release. There are still a couple outstanding items to enable this same functionality within NodeRun. I will reply when it is available.


You now create server side Typescript modules.
example: https://noderun.com/ide/scotroach/typescript-on-noderun/

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  • You can now create Angular CLI spaces - v9.0.0

    • Angular Hello World
  • These templates have been updated to use React CLI - v16.13.0

    • React.js Hello World
    • React.js + Rich Display
  • These templates have been updated to use Vue CLI - v2.6.11

    • Vue Hello World
    • Vue + Rich Display
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I’m very pleased to see the progress on using Typescript. Thanks for all your hard work on this.