Todo.js is not callable

Hello, I am working through the todo list. I have changed the property of the todo.js file to app start file. If I refresh or Launch I get the following error. (suggestions? Ideas?)

The program has encountered an unmonitored exception. Please contact the system administrator for assistance.

Message Id: Profound.js Error

Severity: 30

Date: 01/17/20

Time: 15.55.52

Program: /usr/src/pjsrun/profoundjs/api/call.js



Message: todo.js is not callable.

throw new profound.Error(moduleName + " is not callable.");

call.js:150 throw new profound.Error(moduleName + " is not callable.");
controller.js:190, applyArgs);

At the bottom of your js file, do you have something like this?

exports.default = todo;

If don’t have this line, then you haven’t specified which function within your file is the main function to call.

This is most likely what’s causing your error.

Alex, thank you very much. That was exactly what the problem was. Cutting and pasting from the documentation for the todo list I over wrote that that line. I am excited about following the documentation to get the whole todo list working now.