Hello Greetings to all.
I am newly registered user.

  1. How many spaces an user is permitted to create?
  2. How to delete a SPACE created?
  3. Is there any limitation to the SPACE created in terms of database capacity, cpu capacity or total project size?
  4. From the SPACE can i invoke 3rd party APIor web service?


Welcome to NodeRun! We are glad you are here.

As to your questions:

  1. There is no practical limit to the number of spaces you can create.
  2. When you go to, you can choose “View Your Spaces” under your account. This will list all of your spaces. Choose one. Then you will see an “Edit” button. There is an option to remove the space in the Edit dialogue.
  3. Spaces are micro instances. They are not intended for production usage. They are provisioned with a fraction of a processor, a small amount of disk, and a small MariaDB database. I do not know the exact limits off the top of my head, but I can tell you it is not intended for heavy workloads.
  4. Of course. You can call any web API you like. It is Node.js!

I hope that helps!