pjs.parallelQueries() is not working in genie session


I have tried to use pjs.parallelQueries() in my code. Its working fine when I run the code in browser.

But In genie session its not working. Can you give any idea/suggestions on this?

Hi Krishna_A,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems with this. Can you give us more information on what exactly isn’t working? You mention that pjs.parallelQueries() is working properly for you when running this in the browser. It’s important to note that Genie also runs in the browser. Can you give us details on how you’re running your program when this works properly for you? Can you also give us more information on what happens when this doesn’t work properly? Do you receive any error messages?

The more information that our team has regarding this issue, the better we can support you.


Emily Seage
Profound Logic Support


Thank you for the response.

If I run my code in the browser like (http://localhost:8899/test), parallel query worked fine for me.
But If I logged in to my genie session and tested my call like (pjscall ‘testing/parallel’) its not working. It doesn’t through any error. Its shown me as still loading. I have waited for 3 minutes.
And I am using the correct version also. Profoundjs version 4.15.2.
Can you give any suggestions?