Calling NodeRun modules from RPG

Hi all,

I might be remembering this wrong but wasn’t it possible to call NodeRun modules from within RPG?

Unfortunately, I can’t find the documentation entry about it.

I think the example I saw was starting a rich display file session but is it possible to also just call a NodeRun module textually? What I want to achieve is something like calling the NodeRun module, sending it a string and the NodeRun modifies the string and returns it back to RPG.


Yes, it is possible to call a NodeRun space from the IBM i. Have a look at our documentation here

.You will want to use the NODERUN program object, which allows parameters to be passed to and from your NodeRun Module.

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Always the last place you look. Don’t know how I missed it.

Thank you.


I implemented a small PJS module on NodeRun and tried to call it with the NODERUN CL as a test but it returns a Communication Error.

I tried to connect to the given URL just to see what error pops up and it’s a 404 error:


Any idea what might be causing this?